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How to make an indie music video behind the scenes image

Behind the scenes: how to make an indie music video

Fancy creating your own indie music video? It's great fun, and I'm about to show you that:

  • anyone can produce music videos (with the right preparation)
  • it doesn't have to cost a fortune
  • the video itself shouldn't make too much sense
  • a few tips and principles that can boost the quality of your production

This is quite a long post so settle in!

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Downing Street Trump demonstration: how to shoot protestors


Shooting protests is a great way to practise taking pictures under pressure.

You have:

-Large crowds to deal with

-Constantly changing conditions (light, movement, amount of space available, atmosphere)

-The challenge of picking out interesting details from a very large event

-Time pressure- your pictures have the most power on the day, so a fast edit is crucial

It's a great way to keep your game sharp.

For me, as a portraits guy, I'm most interested in emotion. I also like shooting British protests as they are nearly always infused with some good old British humour.

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